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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A most charming little boy!
Stop! Thief!

Somewhere in this humble abode, there is a stash of goodies. Carmex tubes, electric toothbrush caps, bottle caps, assorted toys, pens and pencils. Don't most charming males have their secrets? I am Sugar Magnolia and my cat Romeo is a thief.

Scoping out another object to swipe.

A sweet thief, mind you. This little black cat has his ways of gentle persuasion and distraction, all the while plotting his next trophy heist. Small in size, he uses his famous "head tilt" and "paw raise" to be noticed.

The famous "paw raise" and beseeching look.
When he's sure he's charmed you enough, *SWIPE* there goes another treasure. He loves to steal little items, and I still don't know where he hides them. That will be his little secret. For now.

The beguiling "head tilt".

Also known as Black Magic, Lover Boy, Midnight, Sambo, and Cat Burglar, Romeo - not much bigger than his petite Juliet - is so loving and so sweet that we don't mind the occasional missing item. He loves nothing more than a treat, a chin scratch, and a little attention from his humans.

Sleeping on his favorite chair.
He comes to visit me at my computer, and is never pushy or rude. He will ease up, always polite, and look at me to be sure he can ask to be petted, never wanting to disturb me. Sometimes he likes to be held and loved, but only when the mood strikes him. And only when he isn't busy looking around for things to steal. I've taken to hiding my Carmex tubes and writing pens. I have to - I have precious little left!

Whoops. Guess the flash woke him up!

Romeo was the first one of the bunch to let me pick him up as a very small kitten. He never was skittish or feisty. He was always easy-going and very tame. Just as he did when he was a baby, he reaches his arms and paws upward when I move to pick him up, as if to say "Please pick me up and love me!" And he never bites, claws or scratches. He gets up on the bathroom basin and sweetly cocks his head until I turn on the water for him, charming me into submission every time. He is indeed a sweetie and a loving cat.

Romeo says his prayers before bed.
Just watch your stuff around him. When he works his magic and uses his considerable charms, you won't notice the suddenly disappearing objects!

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