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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Resting after a game of fetch.

So now we come to one of the great loves of my life, my Lovie.

My Love in her favorite place, atop mommy's library chair.

I say "my" Lovie because I am lucky enough to have been chosen as her human. She won't relate to anyone else in the household, although dad was the first one to hear her cries. When she was underneath dad's abandoned trailer, he heard a small meow. He couldn't find anything, but suspected we had a cat there and told me about it so I went to investigate. I neither saw nor heard nothing at the time, so forgot the matter. A couple days later, he said he heard a cat again, so I went outside and heard it too. I sat there patiently, "talking" to the kitty I heard but had not yet seen. Then, slowly, a small kitten emerged, but would not get close to me. I didn't think it would be so tiny, as we usually get full-grown cats dumped at our place. So, I do the natural thing any mommy would do: offer food. The poor thing was starved but resisted me trying to pick her up. I stayed there most of the day trying to get her to come out, and she did, eventually, and that was the last day she spent outside as an orphan. By that night, she was sleeeping with me on the couch.

My Loviebug poses for mommy.

She was at first so tiny I was afraid of rolling over on her and squashing the poor thing. Little did we know she was just one member of at least two litters at our place. She was found first simply because she was the loudest and the boldest. The rest, as they say, is history.

Lovie, always inquisitive.

My Lovie is now a VERY big, beautiful, active, affectionate, and so very smart grey tabby. She will catch and fetch toys for me, and she loves playtime.

Waiting patiently for mommy to come play.

She will call me for an "encore" if I leave too soon before she is finished playing. She loves to climb ladders and claim the top, and she loves nuzzling mommy's stinky feet.

Lovie, queen of the mountain, showing Pumpkin and Romeo who's boss.

She has grown especially attached to my adult cat, C.C., as C.C. is probably the only mommy she really knows.
Loviedove and her best friend, C.C.

Lovie will follow C.C. and me anywhere we go, and she adores her catnip treats.
Lovie with a favorite mousie toy.

My Lovie, who I also call Loviebug, Loviedove, Love, Beautiful Girl, and Sweetie probably did more to rescue me than I did to rescue her. She has livened up our household with her smart, playful antics and her nearly 20-pound lovely frame. She and brother Pumpkin, to be spotlighted next, are roughly the same size, and are markedly intelligent felines.

My Love's first Christmas. She loves climbing the Christmas tree!

They sure know how to wrap a human around their fuzzy little paws. She and I have bonded in a most amazing way. I fall in love with this beauty more every day! Now excuse me while I go cater to my Love. She demands my attention!


Legion said...

Those grey Tabby cats are all sweet.

Chrissy cat, no longer a kitten since she's two too, is the same way.

For the last 3 hours Chrissy has been keeping a sharp eye on a rock in the enclosed porch.

She caught the lizard twice, but since she is declawed it now is hidden under the rock, and she's making sure it doesn't escape again.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Good kitty! She's keeping your house safe from varmints, of course.

Nothing like losing your heart to a feline, eh?

Is Chrissy short for Christmas? Because that's what C.C. stands for, is Christmas Cat, since she came to me shortly before Christmas 2005.

Legion said...

Yes it is, after the first little kitty rescued on I-45 in Pasadena and brought to us by Jimmy D. met it's demise by way of a Japanese fishing float, Jimmy D. came back to visit Victoria in errr, November? or so.

Jimmy D. and his kiddos stopped by adopt a pet and thought the grey tabby would be a great replacement.

Her shelter name was Allison and we thought for awhile about what to name her, we finally decided on Chrissy, and you got it short for Christmas.

Legion said...

Oh yeah, the first lil kitten, a Siamese from the look of it, we named Sissy, the Houston Vet said it was female, and you know Pasadena- Urban Cowboy-Bud and Sissy. lol