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Monday, July 9, 2012


In daddy's favorite chair.

All grown up now, the six tiny kittens who graced our lives a little over two years ago have brought an immeasurable amount of joy into our lives. Here is the beginning of six updates, one for each kitten (now cat), beginning with the littlest one, Juliet.

Waiting patiently for dad.

Juliet was always tiny, and probably the runt of one of the two suspected litters. She was extraordinarily shy, and resisted our touch (but not our food) for a few months. But she was feisty, and determined to make her own way.

So, when you live with humans, you have to show them who's boss...
Once we were able to get her to the vet's to get her shots and spay, we took her into the house and nevermore would she be a garage kitty. She quickly became accustomed to the good life, and worked her charms on dad. She soon became his favorite, his baby.

I wish dad would get home already...
So, she picked up a few more nicknames: Julie, Quarter-Pint (because, at a mere six pounds, she's not even as big as a half-pint), Q.P., Baby, Squirt, Littlest One. She has become the tiniest full-grown cat I've ever seen, but marked beautifully with Tabby stripes of brown and red.

The most beautiful Juliet you will ever see!
She is now ever so docile, and loves nothing better than to be held by dad. If dad even so much as goes away for a day, she will wander throughout the house, crying for him. And as small as she is, she has a giant meow, all the better to be noticed. Especially when she wants supper and treats. 
Is it my suppertime yet?

Oh Joy! It is!

She loves playing with string and fuzzy mice toys, and enjoys the occasional catnip binge.

Somebody say "Catnip"?
Juliet has become as lovely and as petite as her name implies. And, of course, the next blog will be all about her Romeo. You can't have one without the other!


Mike said...

Juliet has the same temperament as Shadow, our 13 pound tabby.
Great pictures and yes, she is beautiful.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanks, Mike!

There's five more to go so stay tuned.....they are quite the unique group.

So you're a cat person. Yep, figured there was something about you to like~! ;)