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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last Post (?)

Since we have the "Rapture" coming and all, I suppose I'll be one of those non-followers who will fall into the depths of Hell when the Earth opens up and becomes a gaping maw directly to the the underworld. All the other perfect people will ascend with their Lord unto the Heavens and will live happily ever after.

Or not.

I guess we shall see. case this is the last day for us all one way or the other, I offer a parting piece of humor that should make both sides happy. At least for a while until the second coming. It could, after all, be my last post.

Or not.

So I'm confused. I'm not religious, so I would like a little help here. I don't understand, if this is the "rapture", or the second coming, or whatever, whatever happened to Armageddon, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse? Does it all happen at the same time? Is Judgment Day the same, or is it a different thing? Is this doomsday, so to speak, because if it is, then were the Mayans wrong all along? My poor head....

Yeah. What say I see you same time, same place tomorrow. That sounds good to me. Maybe I'll have a Dilbert comic or two to get you ready for the work week.

After all, I suspect that it will be business as usual again. Not even the Rapture can stop Mondays from coming around.

Or not.


Legion said...

First comment to the last blog? Or not?

Suppose this event actually happens, what about Chrissy, my cat, and your cats and all the other pets that are inside a house?

Should we leave the doors open so they don't starve or die of thirst?

What if we have fish in a aquarium? Or, take your pick, snakes,lizards,mice,gerbils ect. ect. What about them?

Can they go with us to wherever or not?

Surely, (don't call me Shirley), they can't be allowed to die for us humans actions.

Decisions, decisions....


Sugar Magnolia said...

If there is a heaven and a hell for us mortal humans, I have to believe there is a special place for all animals, as they must deserve better than us and the place we have made this planet into.

I dunno, suppose the holy rollers tell us what happens to the animals?

I'm waiting........

Legion said...

Yup Sugar, I wouldn't mind seeing Hook --------------------------->

Or Princess, Murgatroid, Smokey 1 or 2, or even the Hell dog Tina.

It seems that the end of days preachers only worry about us humans, not all of Gods other creatures.

Sugar Magnolia said...

What a beautiful dog. I always wondered who that was. Now I know a name.

It seems many forget that there were inhabitants of this planet long before we got here. Maybe the end days,if there is such a thing, will just remove us humans one way or another from the Earth, and return it back to mother nature and the animals, the way it should be, and balance will be restored.