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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday Monday

Er...make that Sunday Sunday.

But you know Monday is bound to come around. I mean, since we didn't get caught up in the "Rapture" and all. '

So here we are. And here we spend another Sunday enjoying the downtime and family, and preparing for yet another workweek ahead.

At least your job doesn't suck as bad as Dilbert's. Or does it? Tell me, do you enjoy your work? Is there something about it that tees you off? Is there a particular aspect of it that you like? Do you look forward to it every day, or is it so much drudgery?

Well, at least I can wish everybody a happy Monday. I guess they really are inevitable, even in the face of the end of times.


Edith Ann said...

It should be a Happy Monday for me! It's payday!!!

By the way, I notice you've done a bit of redecorating on the blog. Looks great!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx, Edith Ann. I like to play around from time to time and freshen up my point of view, so to speak.

So....happy Monday!