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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Relaxing on her favorite couch.

So now we've come to another striped feline, this time it's our Heart. Heart is quite the independent cat, but don't let that fool you. She enjoys her humans, especially when newspapers, food, or catnip is involved.

Did somebody call me for dinner?
Once wild as the March wind, she is now loving, playful, curious, and -oh yeah - still a little WILD!

Heart with her favorite scratching post.

Heart wants to be the center of attention, especially when her humans are reading a newspaper or book. She will hop up on the reading material, promptly plop her rear down, and refuse to budge. 
Waiting for attention.
She thinks we ought to be paying attention to her, not some silly old paper. She simply doesn't tolerate receiving less than her share of attention. 
Getting her claws ready for some spirited play!
Spoiled beyond belief, she has wormed her way into our hearts. Also known as Sweetheart, Braveheart, Brown Eyes (it's true, they are a lovely shade of brown, not green like her other siblings and friends), she loves to be held and cuddled. She has come a long way, as she once couldn't even be caught.  Now she knows where home is and takes full advantage of it. And her scratching post. And her toys.

Heart in one of her playful moods.
And her humans. Always showing off those beautiful, striking markings on her shiny coat.

Such a beautiful cat!

So glad our Heart has become a part of our family.It's hard to imagine our home without her and her brown eyes!

Heart (left) with her late twin sister, Bindi (right).

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