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Monday, February 8, 2010

When the Saints Go Marching In...

...they win!

To the Saints and all the people of New Orleans ~ CONGRATULATIONS!

This was your year. Your year to shine. Your year to show your spirit to the rest of the world. Your year to lay some ghosts to rest. Your year of glory.

It was a pleasure to follow you this year, as I usually don't care for football or any other sport. But there was something contagious in your drive to be the best. Is it because I could relate to you, having visited and enjoyed New Orleans myself? Is it because this gal in South Texas is practically your neighbor, geographically speaking? Is it because I root for the underdog? Is it because I felt your anger, pain, and anguish as your lives were torn asunder by Hurricane Katrina, and I felt your jubilation, optimism, and perseverance as you undertook the monumental task of rebuilding your beloved city?

Maybe it is all these things and more. Tonight, the world celebrates your hard-earned Super Bowl XLIV championship. To sweeten things even more, I have a couple of songs here and here. What are they, you ask? Well, I guess y'all just gotta follow the link and see!

Enjoy your championship, New Orleans. When you wake up tomorrow, guess what? It will still be there. Nobody can ever take this away from you. With Mardi Gras coming down the pike, I would love to be in your fine city for the next two or three weeks. But, that is not possible. So I will leave it to you to do what you do best - throw THE party of the year!


Edith Ann said...

Excellent post, Sugar. I didn't watch--not a pro football fan. But I do find it exciting when the underdog triumphs. Good job, Saints!

NO does know how to party, and I think they should just keep it going.

Excellent music choices, too.

Truth Ferret said...

Very early this morning, my daughter called with, "Guess who won the Super Bowl?" Even without opening my eyes, I could figure out the answer because she LOVES New Orleans. I am glad for the town, they needed something positive to be known for, instead of all the negative we hear.

I have to watch the commercials, some time today, 'cause that is my favorite part. Sort of like when I attended my daughter's school's football games and the half-time show was the highlight of the night. The littlest flute player was the focus of those game days. Just my preferance, of course.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanks for y'all posts here. Ferret, I was really disappointed in the commercials. Nearly all of them were silly, bordering on asinine. Shrill, too. The only one I cared for was the one and only Budweiser ad that had (of course) the clydesdales.

Just my opinion there, though. I did enjoy the game, and it definitely got better after the second half. A very good game this year.

Truth Ferret said...

I like the commercial with the steer and the horses. It was really cute.

The other commercials were not worth watching, I agree, Sugar. I looked on line and couldn't believe that there had been so much hype and that was the best they had.

Pepsi saved their commercial money and are giving away grants to worthy causes. Now, that's the way money should be spent, not on some BIG DADDY or other such nonsense.

Pilot said...

Very nice post! I am happy for those folks as well. They have been to hell and back, and have suffered the same professional sports teams mediocrity that we Houstonians have, so they are now living proof that there is hope after all. I speak of NOLA in less than friendly terms on occasion, but really have nothing against them. It is just that in my chosen profession, when my contemporaries are assigned to places like Singapore and Amsterdam, I always was the one picked for duty in New Orleans or Port Arthur. Go figure, maybe it is because I was raised in Baja Louisiana and speak the language..........
As far as the Super Bowl goes though, it just gives me hope that maybe next year, that it could be our Texans......just as long as it isn't Dallas(unless of course, the Texans had the opportunity to mop up a Super Bowl field with a win over the 'boys).

Sugar Magnolia said...

Pilot, you said it all! The Cowpatties have been looking sad lately, and, well, I just don't think they have what it takes. Certainly didn't this year.

And the Saints? Who'da thunk it? Of course, when they were on that winning streak, it looked possible, but still, because they were once called "the ain'ts", nobody REALLY thought....what a wonderful surprise.

Here's another one I didn't see coming....Super Bowl XLIV was THE most watched television event in history, finally toppling the final episode of M*A*S*H from 1983! Amazing. Lots of people were following the Saints (and a few following the Colts) and cheering them on.

When you think about it, it seems almost like destiny, huh?