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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunny (okay, partly cloudy) days and Fridays, and a Blue Beauty

What an improvement, finally! The sun trying to peek out, soggy grounds finally getting a chance to dry out, and both morning coffee AND a late night dinner with various friends.

Despite a repeat trip to old V-town yesterday, the burning of gasoline was worth it, for my car is NOT in the shop (after another expensive repair experience last week) and I got to spend time with a couple of the neatest people I know. The fuzzy one, your favorite ferret and mine, was my early morning coffee companion, and I do believe that together we have solved the world's problems, so you all may rest easy. And dinner with a certain friend who is truly one-of-a-kind capped off the night, and lasted into the early morn.

Tonight, to work, then tomorrow, well, I suppose I will be doing what everybody else is doing....gluing my carcass to the easy chair in front of the big screen to watch Superbowl XLIV. Just me, dad, and grandmother, a small party of sorts, but a fine one nonetheless. In between, I may ride my new blue beauty, a Christmas gift from my father. Seems that for the first time in thirty years, he decided his little girl should have a bicycle for Christmas, and so purchased one, complete with a "SPOILED" license plate. Yep, he nailed that one correctly. Through proper diet, a candy ban placed by yours truly upon myself, and rides on that bike (and, yes, it IS true about never forgetting how to ride), I have lost five pounds since the new year, and am on my way.

How do YOU plan to spend Superbowl Sunday? Do you have a traditional party? Do you go to someone else's party? I wouldn't care about it myself, except for an opportunity to spend time with my father. I really don't care who wins, either. Later this year, football begins anew, and each team will once again have the opportunity to prove themselves. My money is on the Houston Texans for Superbowl XLV. What say you?


Truth Ferret said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs, although I do have a problem with them. I have to wait too long in between them. You have such a good wit and I appreciate your views on the world around us.

Love your new bike. I remember my favorite bike was also blue and it was fast. Nothing like the feeling of peddling and then coasting along for awhile and not even downhill, just along.

Yesterday morning was delightful and I too had a great time. I was surprised when I got to the car and discovered that we had sat for so long. There were people who ate two meals while we were there, but even that didn't really cue me in to the time.

One good thing about being retired is that time doesn't matter quite so much any more, although I do still here passing period bells sometimes in my dreams.

Super Bowl?! Is that the large bowl I use for potato salad or the stainless steel one for my dog? Oh, football, I see. Well, I guess it will be on and I'll be sitting with my laptop and keeping hubby company while he watches it. Just the two of us (three is you count our four-legged son) here, so it will be quiet, enough.

By the way, you will do well with your new bike and eating habits. Your approach to life is admirable. Keep up the hard batttle and watch out for those dangerous cookie-wielding Girl Scouts.

Truth Ferret said...

okay, just caught my homophone

and since I am correcting, "three if you count"

I am sure there are more, but I'll just leave well enough alone.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yes, I had a blast yesterday, and it's something I would definitely like to do again.

Hee hee I like your "super bowl" references. The Superbowl has never been a big deal to me, either. Dad does miss selling squares for his football pots, though. He's a football, and all sports, fan for sure.

Yeah, this time of year, those little girl scouts can be a whole lot of trouble wrapped up in a little bit of green. I can live without Thin Mints this year.

I think.

Edith Ann said...

What the Ferret says--MORE!

The bike is cool, and congrats on the 5 pounds.

Support the Girl Scouts, just give the cookies to Grandmother, or take them work and give them to someone who does not work in the same department.

The Loon said...

Cool wheels and a good regimen. We always feel better when we exercise, no matter how hard it might be. I'm making a big ol shrimp-and-sausage gumbo, using the last of some andouille from over in Acadiana. So much for sloughing any lard this week. You should be here. - g-b l