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Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool History: Abraham Lincoln Was A Man of Many Talents

Note to Aprill Brandon: Abraham Lincoln is the correct spelling for the gentleman you so disparaged in your silly little blog on the Victoria Advocate the other day.

Unlike you, I have readers that do not have to be bored or drunk (in your words) in order to enjoy an intelligent post. So for all my readers, here is a small insight into the mind of this gentleman here. I think you will be enlightened and entertained.

What a very cool president and great man he was. With this blog and this link, I intend to give him the respect he so deserves. Although he may have enjoyed an occasional libation, I doubt that Mr. Lincoln would have appreciated "drunk history". After all, he was an adult.

That would be something some people know nothing about.


Truth Ferret said...

THANK YOU to the nth degree for this post. You're right when you have readers who actually appreciate a fine writer, such as yourself.

I have always had a fascination about Mr. Lincoln. In elementary school we researched his life and accomplishment and I agree he was a fine gentleman.

It's funny that you posted this article about his short story, as I just stumbled upon it this evening, myself. Talk about coincidences...oh, it is his birthday, though.

Let's send Mr. Lincoln pleasant birthday wishes and hope he is unaware of the trash that Aprill put out on The Advocate.

Sugar Magnolia said...

You are most welcome, Ferret. I figured it's the least I could do to show a little respect for the man on his birthday.

It does seem that once upon a time, the life and times of President Lincoln were required reading in school, athough it hardly seemed a chore to me, as I enjoyed reading about him so much. I always imagined him as a young man, splitting rails and writing on a rock with a piece of coal, as was retold in one of my favorite biographies of the man. I wonder if school children still have to or want to read about him? I wonder if people still care?

Legion said...

A timely blog indeed.

Yesterday, I watched a program about Lincoln on the History Channel.

What, to me, was interesting, was the long journey Lincolns remains took to their final resting place.

I would bet, that if Lincoln would have known what would happen before his final internment, he would have not have agreed to such foolishness.

Good grief, he finally was left undisturbed 37 years after his untimely death.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanks for the post, Legion. You are right - think that Mr. Lincoln likely would have thought such a spectacle unbecoming to a "common" man, as he surely thought of himself. I wonder if he ever realized he was most uncommon, and that nearly 150 years later, we still speak of him in fond terms, and that so many Americans still consider him the best president EVER.

BIGJ said...

BETS BLOG EVER. Aprill Brandon needs to fired !!!!!!!!!!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thank you, BigJ. Here's common ground for us!