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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Because They're So Awesomely Cool

Want to start your morning out right?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Jake and Elwood - The Blues Brothers!

I will let their great talent speak for itself.

So go here.

Then go here.

Now try here.

Check this out.

And this too.

And if this doesn't make you smile, nothing will! Yep, I saved the best for last.

Now fall down on your knees and thank heaven that the Blues Brothers came along in your lifetime.

After all, they are on a mission from God.


Edith Ann said...

Oh, Sugar, this was already starting out to be an awesome day! It's my Jake's first birthday, so to get a big old heaping helping of the other awesome Jake, and his brother Elwood, was just the best way to start my day! I LOVE the Blues Brothers!

"Soul Man" is still my favorite, along with "Who's Making Love".

Thank you, thank you , thank you, Sugar!

Sugar Magnolia said...

You're welcome, welcome, welcome, Edith Ann. Of course when I hear "Jake" I always think of the Blues Brothers, so they have been on my mind since your post about your red-headed love. So, let YOUR Jake know how he inspired a chick he hasn't even met, and how she in turn gave her friend an awesomer start to her morning!

Happy birthday, baby Jake (I think he would look good in a pair of those sunglasses....)

Truth Ferret said...

Sugar, I can always count on learning something while enjoying myself by reading your blogs and posts.

You are a wealth of knowledge concerning many things and I do appreciate your sharing with us.

Thanks, my friend. I can't wait until the next time.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx for the sweet words, Ferret. It makes me glad that just by sharing the things I love, others are made happy and enlightened as well. You just made my day, my friend.