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Friday, December 30, 2011

A (Columbia) Blue and Red New Year

This time, it's personal. VERY personal.

When the Houston Texans play the Tennessee Titans on New Year's day on the Texans' home turf, you'd better believe dad and I will be there. There is no more important game to us right now. It is the first step toward healing a wound from many years ago. Will we win? Of course. We have already beat the Tennessee Turds once this season IN THEIR STADIUM. But it's time for a homecoming. A homecoming, and a comeuppance. The Tennesse Traitors, and particularly Bud Adams, are going to find out the hard way you can never really go home again. We were left at the dance many years ago, clutching our sad memorabilia with tears in our eyes because that is all we were left with. That, and an enduring, burning bitterness toward those who jilted us. Is Bud Adams the most hated man in Houston? You bet your sweet bippy. I wonder if, when we beat the bejesus out of his Tennessee Tampons, he will flip us the finger, as he is wont to do when he wins? A real class act he is, right? No, I rather believe he and his Tennessee Twerps will leave the glory of Houston's Reliant Stadium and our triumphant Texans with their tails tucked between their legs and their heads down in shame. Which is as it should be.

I do hope that Adams enjoys the atmosphere of our new stadium. The one we WOULDN'T build for him, despite his unreasonable demands. When he didn't get what he wanted, he acted like a spoiled little boy and took his toys with him to another state. Oh, of course the Astrodome should have been good enough. And, in fact, as much as we love the Astrodome, we knew that our fair city would need a new stadium eventually, as the aging dome would surely give way to some other venue. And yes, we wanted a new stadium, too. We just didn't want to - and wouldn't - build it for Adams. So, I hope that he sees - and feels - the glory of a city and her people that have prospered and flourished after his departure. I hope he feels the power and the memory of Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, George Blanda, Warren Moon, Ken "Snake" Stabler, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, and Bum Phillips. For they are there with us, always. And I trust he will know the force of Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, T.J. Yates, Mario Williams, Kareem Jackson, Matt Schaub, Wade Phillips, and Gary Kubiak.

Sunday will be the first time dad and I will set foot in Reliant Stadium. I hear tell it's an amazing venue. We will go with the memory of our dear Oilers in our hearts and with the structure of the Astrodome only steps away from our seats. We will be able to finally reconcile our past with our present and begin to heal old hurts. We will rejoice with the Texans as they make our city proud once more. Because that's what Houstonians are all about. Resilience. We have had so much taken away from us. The house, nay, the whole neighborhood my dad grew up in, then I grew up in? Gone. Astroworld? Gone. His high school, the same one I would have attended? Gone. Our favorite restaurants/drive ins/places of entertainment? Gone. You see, Houstonians are accustomed to the impermanence of things. But we always look to the future and know there are better days ahead. And Sunday starts a new day, a new year, a new era for us all.

Because this time it's personal. VERY personal.


Pilot said...

It was and it IS VERY personal - for the both of us and many more. I assure you. My condolences for your trek to the scene of the crime today(the one that happened oh so many years ago). I am sorry Cincinnasty won today, as I was looking forward to our first string "kicking the sonofabitch in" finally next week. There is next year. We have a powerhouse in our future.
"Tennessee Tampons".......god, I nearly laid an egg dear. Thanks......

Pilot said...

ell, hell......just when I was finally wanting Dallas to maaaaaaybe win, so we might have a crack at 'em in the big game, I am reminded that Robba the Hutt is no Wade Phillips. Jerry's Kids do the el foldo once more.......Damn shame the teams can't pool their collective salaries, and pull rank and trade a classless, clueless owner.......but if that were the case, we'd still have the Oilers, huh?

Sugar Magnolia said...

Heh heh, Pilot. Yeah, it would be like the Oilers again, you got it. Dad and I had a really good time yesterday at the game, excellent seats and father-daughter time to boot, been a long time since we went to a game together. As I was telling Pat, I really was kind of comforted in a weird way that the Texans lost as they did in the last seconds. It was just - so....HOUSTON. We are in the playoffs still, that doesn't change, and the cowgirls aren't. Life is good. And Cincinnati can kiss their sweet bippys goodbye next week, Texans pulled Yates after he made the first TD, so that he wouldn't get hurt before the playoffs is my best guess, and dad was right in that he figured they would play conservatively yesterday so that no one would be injured going into the playoffs. We were thinking of going next Saturday to the playoffs, but the highway robbery of tickets is something we can't stand. As MUCH as we paid for yesterday's game, the prices have tripled or more for equivalent seat for the playoffs. It's just something we can't do. We could afford nosebleeds, but the hell with that. We'll be at home, watching and enjoying just as well.

I'm proud of the Texans, regardless, and I was actually tearing up yesterday as I saw Reliant stadium for the first time, and the Texans up close and personal, and the spirit of my city, what wonderful fans they are! I have never been prouder to be a Texan as they played "Texas our Texas" nor to be a Houstonian. It was a wonderful day no matter the outcome, dad and I were there together.

Pilot said...

Okay, disappointment aside, I understood the Texans' motive in going for two at the last probably would have worked, save for the bad snap, but the loss was no big deal. They'll come out like Godzilla today and lay waste to Cincy. Hide and watch.

Sugar Magnolia said...

And so they did. Wasn't surprised the Giants won, but WAS surprised Denver won. Steelers rallied toward the end, going into overtime but once Denver got hold of the ball at the beginning of overtime, there was no stopping them. The Saints/Colts was excellent, and glad New Orleans pulled it off as they should have.

Is shaping up to be a quite interesting season. GO TEXANS!