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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Have a Designated Driver!

Do you??

And this connects to The Smiths.


Let me explain. My father finally bit the bullet and purchased a new vehicle, or as he calls it, "velocipede". Yes, he really does say that. Anyway, a new silver Toyota Tacoma is now his. I drove it yesterday, and a fine vehicle it is. But the best part: I convinced him to get satellite radio installed. The first six months are free, then of course we pay for it. I don't care if I have to re-mortgage my home, they will pry this radio FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.


I have a selection of anything and everything. JEEZ, the Grateful Dead even has their own station!! But I heard a song yesterday I've not heard in too long. The physics connection? Well, I used to think that the lyrics talked about the "sun" and the "air", until I later understood that Morrissey was saying the "son and the heir".....of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. THEN I started REALLY getting The Smiths and listening to them more and understanding that they are, in their own way, quite groundbreaking and brilliant. And this song is still echoing in my head this morning. By the way, I happened upon the song on a channel called "First Wave", and lemme tell ya, there is some GREAT music on that station.

So there ya go, a connection between The Smiths, physics, and misunderstood lyrics all rolled into one post. If you see a silver Toyota Tacoma flying down the road with a chick behind the wheel banging her head and shouting lyrics at the top of her voice, well, it's very likely me. Because daddy-o may never get his "velocipede" back again.....

Talk about your sound waves!


Edith Ann said...

Congrats on the new wheels! I was in Austin this weekend and found me a new car--a used Astin Martin Rapide on sale for the low, low price of $94,964.00. Too bad the dealership was closed, or I would have bought it! I am an impulse car buyer...

Not familiar with the music. I always feel like a music idiot when I am anywhere around you! But--keep sharing these. You are broadening my musical palate one artist at a time, and that is no small task.

Thanks, Sugar!

Sugar Magnolia said...

You're most welcome!

Hey, if you do get that or any other Astin Martin, remember the little people and take us for a ride sometime!

It'll be the closest I ever get to a car I could NEVER own.

The Smiths are kind of cultish group, but they DID make some really great music before their lead singer, Morrissey, decided to go out on his own. He never achieved much success, but again, was a cult-type figure, I guess you could say a more modern-day Jim Morrison for the disaffected and disillusioned British youth of the industrial age.

But, that will always be one of the coolest songs for me! I LOVE IT!