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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Most Fun You'll Ever Have for 34 Calories


Take a little trip back in time with just one small, waistline-friendly packet of candy.

Open a packet of Pop Rocks.

Yes, that cool, exploding, fizzy, fun treat from decades'll feel like a kid again.

What are YOUR favorite old-time candies? Penny dots, root-beer barrels, Necco wafers, Jujubes....reminisce with me about sweeter times, and your most enjoyable candy moments.

Mother always loved Necco wafers and maple nut goodies; grandmother loves lemon drops, and dad favors Snickers and Mr. Goodbar, chocaholic that he is.

I can't watch a movie without Junior Mints. And I've always loved Spree candies. I think it was that obsession with the color silver as a youngster. Remember the paper wrapping around Sprees was silver? And probably also why I was partial to Chunky. Yep, must have been that silver wrapper.

Although the black and red wrappers of Pop Rocks has contained great fun for me today!

Now if I could just find an arcade that has Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Caterpillar.....


Truth Ferret said...

Okay...we would wear the candy bracelets and necklaces until they were so dirty and THEN we would eat them.

Snickers have always had a sweet spot in my memory...craved them when I was pregnant and Mom would smuggle them into my hospital room during my many hospitalizations.

M & M's (Plain) and I go way back...remember putting them into the candy cups for an early birthday party.

Mom loved the PEEPS, candy orange slices and strawberry soft centered candies.

My step-dad loved those Milk Moth Balls (you know the ones in the milk carton) and cherry cordials.

My husband loves the plain Hersey bars and I love the ones with almonds.

As long as candy is chocolate (White easter bunnies, Yumm) I haven't found one that I don't like. Chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate raisins and I have even eaten Chocolate covered ants. Real ants and not "gummy ants." I was young and it was a dare, what can I say?

Remember if you drink a coke after you eat Pop Rocks, your stomach will explode!! So if you do that, anyway, don't blame me. (Don't you love Urban Legends...they sound so convincing?)

Sugar Magnolia said...

I remember those cherry cordials, but don't know if the one you are talking about is just chocolate covered cherries or that candy called "cherry smash". Remember that? It was made by Clark, I think...Those are really hard to find nowadays. I love those orange slices too! And I know some people like swedish fish. Never really got that, though....I mean they were always kind of tasteless and rubbery to me.

Once had a boyfriend who had a thing for gummy bears. I'm just not too fond of those gummy candies, I guess.

I can remember my grandpa cutting strips of licorice with his pocket knife, a piece for me, a piece for him...and it was always so good. I always think of him when I eat any kind of licorice now. Love the stuff.

And, yes, those silly candy would they get sticky! But that was part of the fun. Mom loved the Whoppers (malted milk balls) too.

Yeah, I remember that joke about the pop rocks and coke. Just to be on the safe side, we always washed them down with chocolate milk!!

My aunt had me believing, I mean SERIOUSLY believing, as a child that if I swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would sprout in my belly, and that if I picked the lint out of my belly button, I would die! That's okay, though. Now I have her youngest son believing that Spinal Tap is really a real band, and they have an album out and....oh, wait....I think those guys were too good for their own, well, good....seems they HAVE been touring....

Maybe I can tell him about the belly button thing....

Edith Ann said...

I was always partial to Sweetarts. Still love the big chewy ones.

When I was in elementary school, a block or so over from the school was Edwards' Drive-In. Mr. Edwards sold all kinds of candy, and he sold Troll dolls and the clothes! You could buy the little wax coke bottles. Cinnamom toothpicks that the dentists in town screamed about.

Ah, memories!

Sugar Magnolia said...

You're right, Edith Ann - those are great memories! Our store down the road was called Stutes', and I sure do miss it. I can recall to this day exactly how that little store was laid out, the name of the cashier (Mae), and how she would always hoist me up on the counter and let me watch her ring things up (yeah, even back then, I had a thing about numbers...). Mr. Stutes would cash dad's check from work, and they would even take a personal, post-dated check from my folks if they knew we were short until payday, and never deposit it until we had money to cover it. And we always got our meat from Stutes', never anywhere else. I was carrying a glass Dr Pepper bottle (the only kind of bottle they had back then) and dropped it on the floor of the store and it shattered, cutting my foot pretty badly. I remember dad carrying me to the back of the store in his arms to Mr. Stutes' office, and they cleaned and bandaged my foot, and, of course, I survived. But there was never a thought of suing the store or blaming anybody else back then. Imagine if that happened today, how most (not all) people would react...They were such good folk. How I wish things were as simple as they once were.

Those little wax bottles were so cool....and something nobody's mentioned yet....candy cigarettes. I still remember how they tasted, nothing else had that taste.

Aren't we the lucky ones to have a Mr. Edwards and a Mr. Stutes in our lives?