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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

C'mon, Alex!!

Show us what you're made of!!

Huff and puff and blow us away! I dare you to have half the power of these songs, though! Talk about getting blown away, if you have never seen Neil Young in concert, particularly with Crazy Horse, you have no idea what REAL power is. He is, hands down, one of the single most awesome guitarists EVER. I have seen him play his guitar so hard, strings break. And then what did he do? HE KEPT PLAYING! Simply one-of kind. Witness for yourself as he gives his all on my FAVORITE Neil Young song:

And, of course, you could never possess the incredible talent of the Beatles, either!

Are ya gonna put some truth into Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Texas Flood"? Are you gonna wash us away, Alex? No? I didn't think so. No flood could compare to this one by SRV. The truth is already there in every sweet note of his guitar. You wouldn't understand.

And are you going to "Reign O'er Me"? I don't think you will. You see, The Who is most regal here. You, not so much. I'll let love reign o'er me anyday.

So go ahead and stir up those waters. I say, "Let It Rain", as long as I can listen to a little Eric Clapton at the same time:

And, maybe, a little hangover here from my last WAR blog.....STOP THE WAR.....but, "Who'll Stop the Rain"?

And, Alex, you will never be able to win my heart with your mighty winds. For the sweetest breath I've ever heard belongs to Robert Plant, and he knows how to speak to a woman. So go ahead and do your best, for "upon us all, a little rain must fall". But I have a feeling you won't stick around as long as Led Zeppelin. After all, they have always been the "sunlight in my growing":

And after you've given us all you've got, and you're diminishing, diminishing, diminishing, all we'll be left with is remnants of your memory. Your brother Ike tried to destroy this state's spirit. Alicia, Claudette, Rita.....they certainly tried to take all that is ours. But they couldn't. Neither will you. Even if it's raining in Texas (or Georgia), and it feels like it's raining all over the world, we will get through it. We will hear beautiful songs like this one by Brook Benton, and remember when you tried your best. But your best will never be any match for Texas.

So come on, Alex. We're not scared. We're Texans.


Edith Ann said...


Sugar Magnolia said...

Uh....I had some fine tuning to do, Edith Ann. Do try again.....

Edith Ann said...

I thought I would 'ditto' what you said. Figured it was some kind of new style of blogging--minimalist or post neo-modern or something I suppose.

Great song selections as always!
CCR--my pick!

Thanks for the sound track for this hurricane season.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Heh heh, I like the idea of the "ditto" marks.

I can say it's been a beautiful day, since I've had Led Zeppelin's
"Rain song" in my head all day. And visions of Robert Plant.....


Pilot said...

Wow - I date myself! I being now in Katy, soaking in Alex's aftermath, honestly thought that there would be an Alex Chilton tie somewhere in there. I'll address a few of your wonderful choices of musical augmentations to your idea.........
When I speak of the virtuosos you mentioned, I, as do you, start the conversation with some background(I have sent at least one wife packing with my propensity to paint my stories one brush stroke at a time.......
Neil Young - Crazy Horse
Stephen Stills - Buffalo Springfield(& Manassas)
Graham Nash - The Hollies
and David about The Byrds?

I do hope I e-mailed you the link to Stevie Ray and big brother Jimmy grinding out some sweet sounds on a single double-neck Gibson.......

Leave it to DJ "T" to tie hurricanes to the magical language that is "music".