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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Running Man

No, not the Arnold Swarzenegger film, but this neat little article here in Slate.

It gives an eye-opening look into just how insular America is at times, how we cling to the old, the known, and just how wildly divergent our thought processes are from what is widely accepted in the rest of the world. The U.S. has always been a fiercely independent nation, but sometimes our determination to buck standardized practices accepted throughout the rest of the globe just simply looks out of step.

Give the article a peek, and I'll bet you will never look at our "EXIT" signs in the same way again.


Truth Ferret said...

Fuuny that you should write a blog, as I just read the article.

Personally, if they had a woman outline standing with legs crossed and a pain look on her face, I would know it's a bathroom.

As far as the exit, I like the words, because it's simple and doesn't need explaining, like a pictograph. EXIT, four little letters that pretty much say it all; however, it's confusing when they add "Not an" in front of the word. Whooops, what will illeterate people do?

Sugar Magnolia said...

I like your "universal" symbol for the women's restroom!

How is it you and I are in such sync so much of the time? It's like we're circling the other, in thought and actions, sometimes!

Truth Ferret said...

Sweet Sugar, I know that we have lived through different decades, but we have more in common than difference, I feel. This is another example of our values, history and friendship.