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Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Inglourious Basterds. At least from the movies I've seen so far that are Oscar contenders. Okay, admittedly, I've seen only two. That's right, two. So from a very limited scope, that's my winner. And I just saw that one, and the other one, The Hurt Locker, last night. Yeah, I don't get out much, and when I do, going to movie theaters is not high on my list of priorities. I would rather enjoy these at home on Pay-Per-View or DVD. We can enjoy our own fresh-popped popcorn (and I can control what I put on mine), our cheap sour pickles from the gallon pickle jar in the fridge, and have the pleasure of a cat on my lap, none of which can be found in the theaters. And, most importantly, I can control my own volume. After years of having my senses assualted at concerts, nothing hurts my ears like going to a movie theater. I mean, seriously, can't they JUST TURN THE BLASTED THING DOWN? I'm not deaf, for Pete's sake. Not yet, anyway...

Back to the movies. The Hurt Locker is a very well-crafted movie, to be sure. Taut direction, important story, and good acting. It is a movie that I am glad to have seen, and glad that it was made. It needed to be made. But the one that sticks in my mind? The one we thoroughly enjoyed last night? That would be Inglourious Basterds. And director of the year? Absolutely HAS to be Quentin Tarantino. Nevermind his Pulp Fiction should go down as one of the all-time greats in movie history. Inglourious Basterds is not like any movie, not even one by Tarantino, I have seen before. What a story! Now THIS is what movie-making should be like. I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, but he thoroughly charmed me in this movie, and Christoph Waltz! What an actor! Most deserving of his Oscar nomination, and I am confident he will receive that award, as he gives a spellbinding performance.
Shows I haven't seen but very much want to that are contenders for this year's best picture Oscar: Precious, District 9 ( which I will likely watch tonight), and....uh....that's pretty much it. The others? Not so interested. I would like to see Crazy Heart, for which Jeff Bridges will (hopefully) win his long-deserved best actor Oscar. Grandmother wants to see Avatar, so that will be on my list of movies to be watched, but not so much because I care to see it.
So, with my admittedly narrow scope of the movies from this past year, here are some fearless, and totally random, Oscar predictions, based only on things I have read, short film clips I have viewed, and gut feelings:

Best movie: Should win: Inglourious Basterds
Will win: Avatar

Actress in a leading role: Should win: Gabourey Sidibe
Will win: Sandra Bullock

Actor in a leading role: Should win: Jeff Bridges*
Will win: Jeff Bridges*
*A sideline here: Even though he wasn't nominated, I would have liked to have seen Zachary Quinto, who portrayed Mr. Spock in Star Trek, be both nominated and a winner in this category. And I don't say that lightly. Leonard Nimoy will always have my heart as Mr. Spock, of course, but Quinto gave his all, and convincingly, fiercely so in the role of the younger Spock. This movie was SORELY overlooked for Oscar contention, as I believe it should have been nominated for Best Picture and Screenplay, AT THE VERY LEAST. As it stands, it only garnered a nomination for Best Makeup. SHAME, Academy. SHAME.

Actress in a supporting role: Should win: Mo'Nique
Will win: Mo'Nique

Actor in a supporting role: Should win: Christoph Waltz
Will win: Christoph Waltz

Director: Should win: Quentin Tarantino
Will win: Kathryn Bigelow

Wait, what? The director of the best picture not predicted by myself, and only by myself, to win? Sure. It's happened before. In fact, I pretty much stopped watching the Oscars after the Academy, in all their highness and mightiness, slapped Ron Howard in the face by NOT EVEN nominating him as best director for his masterpiece, Apollo 13, although the picture was nominated for best picture. The man won the Director's Guild award, and deservedly so, for his work on that movie, and was totally and wrongfully ignored come Oscar time. This foolish decision by the Academy is the prime reason I have no respect for the whole production these days, but, like any other armchair quarterback this time of year, I still get a kick out of both making fun of the awards and wanting my favorites to win. Who doesn't?

So what are your predictions? What were your favorite movies from this past year? Feel free to let me have it if your favorites are different. Feel free to concur. Have fun at the Oscars this year (even if you just watch on TV). For the first time in a long time, I will likely be watching right along with you, sour pickle in hand.


Truth Ferret said...

I haven't been to the movies in a very long time, so I can't really give an educated guess on the winners/losers. My husband loved Blind Side. In fact summarizing the movie took him ninety minutes (not really, but close). We both do love Sandra Bullock (spelling?).

Watching movies at home with all the comforts that we love is the way to watch something without the distractions of noisy kids, cell phones, and people walking in front of the screen. I don't like the theater seats as much as my chair at home, either.

Mom used to like pickles and popcorn together; of course she loved popcorn with just about anything.

Let me know how you enjoy you new movies this weekend. I thought that you would want to see Avatar, since Scifi is something you enjoy. It's not my cup of tea, for sure.

Edith Ann said...

I don't go to the movies. I can't sit still that long.

Th only movies I have seen since the last Oscars are The Blind Side, and Julie & Julia.

I loved them both. I loved the Sandra Bullock character in the Blind Side. I thought she kicked ass as a blond! And Meryl Streep was wonderful in Julie & Julia. Both movies made me cry. And I loved Stanly Tucci in J&J.

No offense to your ,grandmother, but what is with the 'older crowd' and the movie Avatar? I know several 'older' folks who have seen it, and loved it!

I like to watch, but it will be without popcorn and pickles.

Sugar Magnolia said...

So what do you favor, Edith Ann? Junior Mints (a fave of mine) or Milk Duds? Maybe a pack of Jordan Almonds? Yum...

I don't know, I just think "Avatar" is so overhyped that immediately it makes me feel negative about the whole thing. It may be a great movie, I'm willing to see it. It's just not real high on my list of movies that I am interested in. Maybe it's the James Cameron thing. I hated "Titanic" too. So sue me.
Grandma has always enjoyed fantasy-type movies, and anything that is animated or otherwise looks unreal (well, maybe not Joan Rivers' face.....oooops).

Ferret, I agree about the movie "experience". Those are things that also ruin my enjoyment of the film. AND we have to pay for the "privilege"? No, thanks.

I've never cared for Sandra Bullock, and the Blind Side holds no interest for me. The only "feel good" movie I like is "Forrest Gump" which is, by the way, on TV right now. A million views of that is not enough for me. Love me some Tom Hanks.

That salty/tangy thing about popcorn and pickles appeals to me too!

Ray Errol Fox said...

I read your opinions regarding tonight's Oscars with interest and, happy to say, amusement; you're a first-rate curmudgeonly voice.

I find it telling that the comments preceding this one indicate an ennui about movie-going; your commenters indicate they are either not going or they don't enjoying going.

Rather than make predictions, I will probably make post-Oscar assessments, as I did last year on my blog. But your reference, twice, to sour pickles suggested a predisposition to me and I thought you might be be amused by a poll I launched earlier this week, The Pickle Award, which will go the person "whose unwarranted success irritates you most." And if that's sour pickles, I can verify that everyone's lips are puckering. Actors didn't make the first cut (How's that for irony?), but I have no doubt that many deserving screen mediocrities will eventually be listed--I have a long list of candidates and I'll bet you do, too. After tonight's show, you may want to add some names to the "Other" option.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

Ray Errol Fox said...

Oops. The Pickle Award @

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mr. Fox (the "fantastic Mr. Fox", or do you get that a lot now?): I am honored that you have enjoyed my blog, and most honored that you have chosen to comment.

Being curmudgeonly does not come easy, and rarely is it truly appreciated. The Pickle Awards seem right up my alley, though, and I will certainly be checking them out.

What grates me most is just how predictable the Oscars have become. Yes, Sandra Bullock got her award, ho-hum. But how fabulous and totally wild would it have been if Ms. Sidibe had won? What a moment that could have been.

I welcome your comments and insight on this blog anytime. Thank you for stopping by!

Edith Ann said...

I think the Oscars are kind of like your employment evaluation. If they score you perfect, where do you go from there?

I realize it is a fresh slate each year, but I'm sure there is s lot of 'dues paying' thinking going on in the voting.