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Monday, March 29, 2010


Terrorism, that is.

Go here to view the worst the human species has to offer.

Good job, Feds. This kind of white trash scum deserves the harshest penalty the United States has to offer. I won't even post their pictures here because they deserve NO glory, NO kudos, NO recognition other than the funeral notice after they are executed.

On second thought, they don't even deserve that.

And guess what, you sick, twisted garbage? You will not have an effect on this great nation. We will stand proud and united. Law enforcement will continue to arrest cowards like you. We will continue to prosecute those who dare to violate the law. You will not break us. We will break you.

We ARE one nation. You do not deserve to be a part of this society.

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Truth Ferret said...

You know, I very rarely like anything that Kenneth says, but here's a time where I would agree with him and order stocks for these "people". Then they should be whipped until they pass out and then a bucket of ice water thrown on them to wake them for more slashing.

We have been trained to fear people who look and dress differently than us; so this type of monster can walk among us unnoticed. Reminds me of "Stranger Danger" focus. Monsters come in disguises that make them look kind and normal.

I worry about the people who weren't arrested and believe like these terrorists. (In fact the girlfriend of one has been interviewed and her thinking is outside of jail and polluting the airways with hate.)