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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Their Time 2 Shine

Funny thing, going into this Saints-San Fran game, I was behind the Saints all the way. I think New Orleans has a great team, and their Super Bowl win of a couple years ago stays with me. I was dismayed by the tug-and pull of this particular game yesterday, with one team ahead, and then another. In the last few seconds, I couldn't believe my eyes as Vernon Davis of the 49ers caught an unbelievably bold pass at the touchdown line. I thought for sure the Saints had it clinched.

Then I saw the emotion of the game in Davis' face. This huge man started crying like a child, and, embraced by his coach and teammates, showed this chick what it's all about. I saw the sign held up by a 49ers fan in the audience that said simply "Our time 2 shine". And I understood. I was glad the 49ers won, not to take anything away from New Orleans. But I do believe it IS their time to shine. Congratulations, San Francisco.

Now for your "feel good" video of the day:


Edith Ann said...

Can't say as to the football, but nice redesign on the blog!

I will hit your's first on those mornings I am a little slow getting going! I am wide awake now!

Good job!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx, Edith Ann! Yeah, I was ready for a new look, so here it is!

My Texans lost today to the Ravens. We have never beaten the Ravens, and so history continues. But I'm proud of them, they played very well and their defense looked better than they have most of the season. The roster of injuries was just too much to overcome. I don't think I've seen so many injuries as with the Texans this season. So, all in all, very proud of them, and of the the heart and spirit they have.

Also proud of San Fran. They did good, and were the better team, fair and square last night.

What a great season of football!

The Loon said...

Cool look.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanks Mr. Loon!

Manfred VonPrien said...

When I was watching the Texan's game that first punt by the Ravens, and the bumbling that ensued, that turned into a touchdown, gave me pause, and I had a bad feeling then.

Sure enough 7 points proved the difference.

Like the look here,


Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx, Mr. VonPrien!

Yeah, that was a little painful, but Houstonians are used to that. We've never beaten the Ravens; I'm afraid they've become our adversaries in the way the Steelers were for the Oilers.