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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Got Nothin'

Nothin' very special today, that is. Sometimes inspiration runs short. Or perhaps this is just a laid-back sort of day. I think the latter is in play here. Who isn't enjoying the rainy, grey skies and the cooler temps? We have had nearly 2 inches of rain, and I say, KEEP IT COMING!

A lazy Sunday to be sure. I find myself with plenty that needs to be done, of course, like sweeping/vacuuming, laundry, you know. All those mundane things. But instead, I just sit here, typing away, enjoying my hazelnut coffee and the light drizzle outside my window. Those chores will be done soon enough. Occasionally, I might have a laugh as one of my kitties comes in from outside looking like a wet dishrag. In fact, Hamlet wants in my lap right now, all wet fur and motor running and tail-wagging feline that he is. He also adores his belly rubs.

Dad is watching the Texans play the Raiders, and hoping against hope, I think, that our guys are going to pull this one off. Stranger things have happened, though.....and finally, grandmother is sitting quietly in her room, reading and enjoying the rain coming down as well as her cat sitting beside her.

So, you see, I got nothin'. Or maybe just enough for a lazy Sunday. A paper or three sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be read. Floors needing my attention. And a little Johnny playing in my head. It's funny, it depends on the mood I am in as to how this song sounds to me. Sometimes it seems as depressing as all get out. But today, it just seems soothing, casual, and lovely, even if it does make me realize just how much I miss Johnny and my mom.

Enjoy your day, even if it's a day of nothingness. After all, any day above ground is a good day.


Edith Ann said...

We need the nothings sometimes. I think they help keep things in perspective.

I'm not a huge fan of rain, but this has been a great days! We received 3" here and it was very welcomed.

Rebecca said...

I woke up late today.

"Hurt" was on VH-1's Top 100 Songs of the 2000s. Can't remember what number it was, but it was in the top fifty.

I woke up late and had my coffee late, too. The dark sky is tricking my mind into thinking it's just not really day time.

Ok. You made me think of more music.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Edith Ann - we got a little over 2 inches, and yes, it was very welcome. Now if it would do this for the next month or so, we might make some progress against this terrible drought.

Rebecca - YES! "HURT" has to be one of his best, for sure. I think it taught a whole new generation just who Johnny Cash was. Any day with music floating about is a great day, at least for me.