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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Love Story

No, not that kind of love story. But a tale of devotion all the same.

Driving home from work this evening, I heard a song I've heard a million times over the years, but today, it just struck home for some reason. I listened, and remembered, and mourned. I mourned the death of radio as we used to know it.

There were once people called, of all things, "disc jockeys", or DJs for short. The best of these could energize a program and make one so excited about the music. After all, the DJ seemed to know your taste and deliver exactly what you were hoping to hear. Heck, you could even call in a request and KNOW that you would hear it. Some DJs could blabber with the best of them, and still others could bring a grin or a tear, sometimes simultaneously. They are all but gone now. And today's radio, what's left of it, is, well....sort of....robotic. No hyper hep cat announcing the latest and greatest hits, no cool dudes to play stacks of wax, no groovy gurus spinning the extended-play platters. I loved them all. I would hide under my bed covers at night with my transistor radio to hear my favorite tunes, promising myself after the next song, I would go to sleep. Well, no, after this song. OK, maybe just another....

And that's all gone.

Do you remember the glory days of AM and FM radio? Do you recall listening on your transistor or your intricate stereo system that took up half the wall in your living room, or on your console TV/eight track player/phonograph? Do you remember your favorite DJs name - Alan Freed, Colonel St. James, Dick Clark, Murray the K? What are your fondest radio remembrances?

Here, I give you the song that has been on my mind all day since hearing it on the way home, the one that started my trip down memory lane (with one of the coolest intros ever), followed by other relevant "radio" songs. So, kick off your high-heeled sneakers and follow me!


See? No static at all!

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