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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


At the risk of sounding inhospitable, I highly recommend the President of the United States, who would dare purchase Canadian-made buses for his entourage, TAKE OFF!

What a hoser!

Take off, hosehead!!!


Edith Ann said...

At least it wasn't China like all the politicians who are handing out t-shirts! Seems most everyone in the running right now, with the exception of Ron Paul, is handing out campaign t-shirts made in China while promising they will create jobs for Americans...

Mike said...


While I see your point home about buying American and the president talking about other countries buying our vehicles; it makes for bad optics. This was a decision by the secret service over year ago. It came out of their budget......But here is the rest of your story.

Have a good one

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yeah, I wasn't being completely serious, Mike. Mostly just cheeky and facetious. Just because I can. But, thanks for your input!

I wouldn't be an American if I couldn't rib our Prez (and his secret service, hell, really the whole government if you want to get right down to it) every now and again.