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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Northern Exposure

Possibly my favorite show of all time. I certainly miss it. Once fairly common in reruns, it has not been on TV for quite a few years. Won't ONE station please pick it up for repeats and make me and so many others happy? Meanwhile, I do have nearly every episode recorded on VCR tapes. I think I will have to drag them out and start watching, as the withdrawal has finally become too much. Does anybody else adore this show the way I do? Who was your favorite character? So many to choose from. I would have to say my favorite was Maurice, such a complex character played wonderfully by Barry Corbin. A close second would be Adam, a multilayered man portrayed adeptly by Adam Arkin.

This was an outstanding series that gave much respect to Native Americans and their way of life. Never portrayed with ridicule or derision, these Alaskans opened up a whole new world to me. Their dances, their traditions, their songs gave the show a unique dimension, as did all the offbeat characters and strange storylines. I do miss this show greatly. It meant so much to me.

I hope you enjoy the great theme song, and a few of my favorite moments from the show.


Edith Ann said...

I don't know why I never watched this show. Wonder what was on opposite it?

Any way, enjoyed the music as always.

Sugar Magnolia said...

If you ever get the chance to watch, Edith Ann, I have a feeling you will love it. It was truly a wonderful show.