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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strange Inspirations

I would bet even money that I'm the only chick that thinks of Darth Vader during her morning cup of coffee. Really, it's inescapable. I can't help it. I know you're wondering just why "I am your father" echoes in my head every morning as I make my joe. Well, this is why:

Can you see the shape of Darth Vader's helmet in the lid of the pot? I didn't see this until I got the darned thing home. Now I'm stuck with it because I'm not spending good money to buy another coffee pot. This one performs just fine. Except I wake up thinking of Darth Vader.

And, of course, inspiration comes in good ways as well. "She of the short tail" Bindi and her littermates are all just about grown up now. They love to frolic in the spring air outside and chase bugs and other little critters. And they always encourage me to get outside and play more with them. And we play inside as well. I can hardly keep up with them. They certainly keep me on my toes. I was using an eight-foot ladder in the library one day and left to do something. Guess what I saw when I walked back into the library? THIS:

Yes, my kitties love to climb ladders, too. Anything they can get into, they will. It certainly gives us all such enjoyment, and helps me to strike that "balance" I have been in search for.

You never know what will inspire you. What are some of YOUR inspirations?


Edith Ann said...

I agree. Spittin' image of Darth Vader!

Love it when you post pictures of your kitties. They always look so content and in charge...

Like the picture of the ones on the ladder.

I'm sure I see things that remind me of other things, but nothing comes to mind.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Content and in got that right!

I think they are content BECAUSE they are in charge.

I will post more pics of my kitties in the next week or so. They surely are growing up. Juliet is still the runt, and probably will always remain the size of about a 4-or5-month old kitten. She loves her daddy dearly and snuggles with him every night. He has his own entourage these days and enjoys them all.

not securely anchored said...

You gonna enter those kitties in the Vicad photo contest?

Sugar Magnolia said...

I think I will enter some photos in the contest. I entered plenty in the pet contest, and saw NONE of them in the paper. Oh well....But yeah, not securely anchored, I will try again.

There is a lovely one that I have seen, not sure who took it, but it is a close-up of a tabby with blue eyes. It is gorgeous; I would vote for it as the winner. It reminds me of my late kitty KitKat. She was a beautiful tan tabby with the most stunning blue eyes. I miss her very much.