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Friday, April 22, 2011

Please Protect Her

This is a repeat of a blog of mine from a few years back. In honor of Earth Day, I hope you enjoy, and do at least one kind thing for the Earth today.

I thought I would save you the agony of trying to figure out my photography in exchange for a more professional slide show here. It seems that once again scientists have discovered many ("hundreds") new species of ocean life off a barrier reef near Australia. It is the folly of man to think that he has discovered all there is to discover; it is our greatest joy and our humblest moment to find that there is so much more out there than we could have ever imagined.

Please, people, let's protect and preserve this planet even as she suffers the insults heaped upon her. I hope there will never come a day when there is no more to discover because there is just no more, period. And remember, she might take it back someday.

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