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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Popcorn and Soda....

And dad. Saturday night, my dad and I partook in a rare luxury - we took some time to watch movies. I do love watching a good movie and although we very rarely frequent the theatres anymore, we do take part from time to time in some pay-per-view and Showtime/HBO offerings. So....the two movies we saw were "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage, and "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen. If anybody has seen these movies and would like to discuss them here, please feel free. They both left me a little stunned. I would say that I favored "Knowing", but I cannot get "The Road" out of my head. While "Knowing" sped along at a great pace with some unexpectedly excellent special effects (one scene in particular astounded me and I have not seen anything like it before; if you have seen the movie, I am sure you will know the one I am talking about), "The Road" was a bit more plodding and stark. Both movies held similarities. At their hearts, they are about relationships between a father and a son. I just want to warn you that "The Road", if you haven't seen it yet, can get quite depressing, and this goes on for nearly two hours. It is heartbreaking, in fact. But I don't want to give away any plots or "spoilers". Have you seen these movies? Do you enjoy a certain type of movie? Lately, Nicolas Cage's track record has not been impressive, and when I hear the terms "science fiction" and "Nicolas Cage" together, I think, "oh, boy". But not so for "Knowing". It was intelligently done and very absorbing. I was truly surprised by the quality of this film. "The Road".....well, I don't know yet what I think of the movie. It was a real downer for the most part. But it dealt with its subjects and storylines in an intelligent, non-condescending, realistic manner. And it's the one that stays with me today.

If anyone likes Roger Ebert as much as I do, I have his movie review website for you here. I also have his blog to link here. I do so enjoy his writings, and although I may not always agree with him, he brings a level of insight to movies that I do not have. He always sees things that I don't, and I also appreciate the feedback from all his readers, as different people have so many different points of view on what they see.

So....seen any good movies lately yourself? Share here. I would enjoy reading your opinions on your favorite movies. Or, even your least favorite.


Edith Ann said...

I rarely go to the theatre either, but last weekend my sister and I went to see "The Lincoln Lawyer" with Matthew McConnaughey. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while and it's not just because of MM! It truly was one of those movies where you are sort of surprised over and over, as in "Ewww. I didn't see that coming."

Yeah, I could go back and pay to see that again! It is a great story, and MM's little bit of sass adds just the right touch.

One of the best lines in the movie: "You're nobody until somebody shoots you."

I don't know what Roger Ebert thinks but Edith Ann gives it two thumbs up!

Sugar Magnolia said...

I for one just don't get Matthew Mc....whatever.

The last movie that I was truly, TRULY surprised at the ending was "The Sixth Sense". I truly did not see that end coming, although looking back and seeing all the clues, I should have. But I know many didn't. Last truly surprise twist ending I remember seeing.

I also saw the old movie with Paul Mumi "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang", and that was a very hard movie to watch. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I love Paul Mumi and those older movies.

Last night I also watched "Inglorious Basterds" (which I've seen before)and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (seen many MANY times before!). What a swell night!

Sugar Magnolia said...

P.S. the last movie I saw at the theatres that I would pay to watch again was "Star Trek" - the newer remake with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. THAT was a gem! I thought it would be hard to see others inhabit roles that were so defined over four decades ago, but it was very well done, and gave me a fresh perspective on the story.

I haven't even heard of the "Lincoln Lawyer" but if you give it your recommendation, even with Matthew Mc...whatever, then, that's good enough for me. I will, however, wait till it's on PPV. That way I can pop my own popcorn and have my kitties in my lap. Now THAT'S entertainment!

Edith Ann said...

It obviously very similar to any of the John Grisham 'novels into movies', but this one is not a Grisham.

I think I would have liked it with any other guy in the part, it's the character that is so good.

And on the MM thing--not a problem! That just makes it one less woman in the competition! 8^)