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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Lovely little purple flowers, scattered all about our yard.

This was the sight that greeted me yesterday morning. Unexpected, and seemingly born overnight, these tiny blooms surprised me and my family. They are a welcome sight, as they will surely herald the kaleidoscope of beauty to come as South Texas digs herself out from winter and rushes headlong into spring.

I once knew someone who loved to go on road trips just to listen to music and see the flowers. He called the color explosion in spring, "Tie-dye on the Highway", after the Robert Plant song. When the wildflowers bloom each year, it brings to mind that person and that wonderful tune, and I love nothing more than hearing it while taking a nice, long, road trip.

Yesterday, driving home, I heard a lovely song that is played much too infrequently these days. I always thought of it as an appropriate "road tune" that is an excellent accompaniment to traveling "just to travel". It always makes me feel so peaceful and centered. So as you head out within the next few weeks to view the wildflowers that are sure to pop up, keep this song in mind. While you may not be searching for anything, don't be surprised if you find something after all.

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Edith Ann said...

Lovely! Went to Hallettsville today, hope to see some signs of spring. No such luck on 77.