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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Best Show on Television

This is an update and combination of two blogs from the last year or so. In retrospect, and knowing what I know now about FRINGE, I can honestly say that it has more than surpassed the X-FILES. This is the most amazing ensemble cast, writing, and acting ever assembled on the small screen. The best show on television? YES. The best show ever? Quite possible. Last week's episode is the best I have seen in the four years of watching this show, and believe me, this rabid fan has seen every episode multiple times. You could say I'm fairly obsessed with it; in fact, the morning after last week's show, I awoke with it in my head at 4 a.m., replaying every scene as well as I could remember it. If you haven't watched this show, it's not too late. It is on the "bubble" for a fifth season, and its fans so deserve more time with these people who we have welcomed into our homes and become most fond of over the past 4 years. Take my word for it, you will not see anything better on television now.


Fringe has captivated me since the first episode. But this show has gotten progressively better with each subsequent episode. Last night's showing knocked it out of the park.

I dearly love and respect this show with its excellent actors, superb writing, and a mythology that rivals, even bests at times, that of the X-Files.

Just one question: WHY HASN'T JOHN NOBLE GOTTEN AN EMMY YET????? This man is hands-down THE best actor on TV right now.

If you aren't watching, you are missing an incredible tour-de-force. One word of warning: If you haven't watched before, and you start now, you will be hopelessly lost. But I encourage you to watch nonetheless. You will be able to come up to speed eventually, and I promise you won't regret the time spent. John Noble is worth EVERY minute. He is heartbreakingly awesome, and without him, there would be no show.

Give it a try, won't you? One more warning: I have a feeling when it ends, as all shows must eventually, it won't be on a happy note. But isn't that what life is really like? Isn't the universe(s) of a fickle nature? Given the thread of the story, it MUST end not as we would wish, but as it has to. But, of course, people of this universe and that are human, and have one thing in common: hope.

So, I HOPE you'll watch.

Give this man an Emmy already!

John Noble has put on the performance of a lifetime for two weeks running now on Fox's "Fringe", not to mention three seasons' worth of fine acting. What does it take?

The interaction between Noble and his television son, Joshua Jackson, is the most complex, touching, powerful thing I have seen on TV. As good as Jackson is, he is still surely learning master class acting from Noble. And well he should.

C'mon, television academy, or whoever you are - fork it over! He has more than earned it!


Edith Ann said...

I am not familiar with this particular show, but you've made me curious. I will check it out.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Enjoy, Edith Ann. I obviously think this is a great show. Don't get too confused or caught up trying to understand the underlying mythology at first. Just enjoy the performances, particularly that of John Noble as Walter Bishop. If you like what you see, I recommend either buying or renting DVDs of old episodes, or going to or to play catch-up. This is an intelligent, well-written show, much like the X-Files, but with its own cool vibe.