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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whose Writing Style Influenced You?

Ever wonder if your favorite authors have influenced the way you write? I often wonder how much I have picked up from Asimov, Bradbury, Lovecraft, etc. It seems, more than I ever imagined, that my favorite author in the world has had a profound impact on me, coloring the way I write, not just everyday, but even the more "formal" scientific papers I composed while obtaining my degrees.

Go here and you will find out for yourself. It is fun, free, and, much to my shock, handed me the greatest compliment I could have received about my writing style. I typed in a few paragraphs from a paper I wrote years ago for my criminal justice senior seminar titled, "Theories of Law Formation: Correlation with Criminological Theories", and go here to see my "badge".

Wow! I know this is just some silly computer gimmick, but it certainly made my day. To be able to extrapolate from my scholarly writings a similarity to this author's writings is an amazing thing.

So try it! You could be amazed.


Truth Ferret said...

Okay, I took the "test" and it says I write like Dan Brown, you know the DaVinci Code guy. Wow, I even impressed myself.

Edith Ann said...

It said I write like Stephen King! I've never even read a Stephen King book; I do not care for the genre.

Isn' that interesting?

I'm not sure who I was hoping for, but Stephen King never crossed my mind.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I can't say I've ever read Dan Brown, Ferret, but it must be a compliment to you.

Edith Ann, I have TONS of Stephen King books, I was once a rabid reader of his. But one can read only so many stories that take place in Bangor, Maine, before that familiarity breeds contempt, so to speak. But still, I do love the way he writes, and always have. What a fine pat on the back for you, too! No wonder I like y'alls writing style so much. We are a pretty talented bunch, we are!

Truth Ferret said...

Forgot to mention, Sugar, that Edgar Allan Poe is a distant relative to me, so welcome to the family.

Billy the Kidd (Willam Bonney) also is a relative. Maybe now, we can understand why I am the person I am, huh? Mean, with creative juices and fearlessness to boot.

Pilot said...

I tried two of my archived blog stories as examples. First one came back as Stephen King, the next, someone unfamiliar to me.....Stephen King? redruM, & Heeeere's Johnny...........