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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Love

is also my "mew" love. Once again, a grey and white kitty has stolen my heart. So meet Lovie, my new love.

She was "discovered" a couple of weeks ago under my dad's house, hiding out. Where did she come from? I guess she was dumped off, for I have since uncovered seven more kittens, 3 of which appear to be somewhat younger, and four around Lovie's age, which was estimated by the vet to be around three or three and a half months. She has the loveliest brown eyes, and the most playful and loving nature. I had forgotten how much energy a kitten has, since I have been "mom" to adult cats for so many years now.

The others vary in color. There is another grey one, four brown tabbies, two black ones (one with medium-long hair), and an orange one. I guess they were dumped off at the same time, but I never knew they were there until this past week. Why did Lovie make herself known first? She was definitely vocal, and although a little skittish at first (she even hissed at me a few times), she was in the house and sleeping along side me by that night. Ever since then, she has been a part of the family, winning over dad and grandma, and (eventually) all the other cats and the dog. We get a kick out of watching her play with her boundless energy, and hilarious pratfalls, since she's not so very coordinated yet. She will grow up too fast, of that I am sure. But every day with her has been a delight.

What about the others? They are much more skittish than Lovie, but I am slowly getting them tamed by feeding them and petting them. They will all have to be tamed down enough so that I can take them to the vet for their shots and to be spayed and neutered. Then, I suppose they will likely remain outside cats, probably taking up residence in my dad's garage (which is probably akin to the Taj Majal for a feline), along with our black garage cat, Potter. Of course, if one or two wanted to hang around the house, they would be most welcome and would be a part of our family too.

Why was Lovie the ONE to win my heart first? I don't know. I suppose that's her secret. But I'm so glad she's here. Her love has captivated me and she is truly my baby now. Even if she does tend to get into mischief now and then. After all, she is still just a kitten.


Edith Ann said...

She looks like a real sweetie! So tiny and petite!

Congratulations on the additions to your family...

Truth Ferret said...

She is so cute and so lucky to have found her new family. Congrats on your new baby.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx, Edith Ann and Ferret. The lady who lives a piece down the road called a couple days ago to ask if we had lost a kitten. I told her it was funny she should ask, as we had actually gained some. She had one lone kitten, an orange one, show up a few days ago, and didn't know if it belonged to anyone. Well, of course, I thought that maybe it could be part of the pack down here, but who knows?

Long story short, she called me today, sounding a bit desperate, saying they couldn't take in another animal but wouldn't take it to a shelter. They took it all the way to Victoria to the Dorothy O'Connor adoption center, which refused it for some reason, and she didn't know what to do. She said this one was very friendly and used to people.....could I? Would I?

Of course. Bring it by here, I said, it may have a nice reunion with what I suspect are its siblings. She brought the little one by, and it is the same size as Lovie, and is an orange male tabby. Its sweetness factor is the same, and it is certainly a people-lover. Even its motor sounds the same. I'm certain it is Lovie's brother, so, against huge odds, found its way to our home and to its siblings, and it is now playing with Lovie in the game room, as if they have both been here all along.

Isn't life strange? And it looks EXACTLY like the other, wilder, orange tabby outside, who is either its twin or just a sibling. So we have another trip to the vet for this one next week, since I suspect I won't be able to tear it away from Lovie or myself now.

Here we go again.....I will keep you updated.

Such blessings! I'm a lucky chick.

Pilot said...
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Truth Ferret said...

You are too kind. I'm glad that there are all sorts of animal lovers out being a Ferret and all.

So what's your new baby's name? Lovie's so cute, but I guess "Dove" is out, since it's a boy.

Truth Ferret said...
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