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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Favorite Spaceman

The one, the only....Ace Frehley!

My fellow Taurean marks his birthday today, and I wish him many more.

Being a major KISS freak since an early age, I always leaned toward Ace because of his "Spaceman" persona, the silver costume he would wear, and one of the sweetest-sounding guitars ever. I was always interested in space, and was quite sure once upon a time I would grow up to be an astronaut. So, naturally, Ace was my man. For so many years, I ate, slept, drank, and daydreamed of KISS. It was my first concert ever, in the Summit in Houston, in 1978. Could you just imagine the thrill of it all for an eleven-year old and her very best friend? We so loved the band, we had just about every album they made, and when each member did their solo albums, we stood in line for those, too.

Because of you, Paul "Ace" Frehley, I loved the color silver. I dreamed of one day owning a silver Corvette; no other color or make would do. Well, Ace, I have my silver car. It's not a Corvette, but it's perfect for me all the same. The hours I would spend in front of my mother's makeup mirror, perfecting your look, with the makeup and the feathered hair, I lost count of. It was worth every minute, as I have memories that last a lifetime.

The best way I can honor the man on his birthday is to let his talent (and guitar) speak for itself , both with KISS and solo. I think the best is yet to come for him.

Happy birthday, my favorite spaceman.


Truth Ferret said...

What happened to your post?

However, I know who you are writing about, 'cause he said we shouldn't want ET to visit.

Sugar Magnolia said...

My post was abducted......

It's back. I asked him if Jupiter was nice this time of year.

He said, yes, but a little chilly.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Oh, BTW, yeah, I know you thought it would be Stephen Hawking, but SURPRISE! It's another fabulous spaceman who had my heart as a young gal.