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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Because

The guy is a genius. "Games Without Frontiers" has been on my mind since hearing it on the way to work yesterday. So enjoy these Peter Gabriel videos, just because. The guy has a way of making my day whenever I hear him, either solo or with Genesis. Never a Phil Collins fan, Gabriel was always my style.

Enjoy his "Solsbury Hill", then "Shock the Monkey". My personal favorite is next, "In Your Eyes", then, my favorite from his Genesis days, "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway". Hope your day will now be as good as mine!


Pilot said...

I'm speechless as usual, for reasons I think only you would understand. My sentiments exactly on Gabriel, Genesis and Phil Collins. They were a great, groundbreaking act when Phil was the drummer. When he was producing, he was to Genesis, what Michael McDonald was to The Doobs - a game changer.
I was privileged to see the "Shock the Monkey" tour at the Summit - one of those"you had to be there" to understand shows. Your list of favorites is the same as mine. Thank you for a wonderful wake up call. The girl arrived home to me glued to the monitor, sound blaring, and took one look at me and asked "are you okay?".......
"okay" doesn't even scratch the surface. Thanks!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yeah, "game changer" is an understatement.

Glad I could make you happy today. I saw Gabriel at the Summit too, I think it was in 91 or 92. It was most enjoyable. He is amazing.

Legion said...

Sledgehammer, I love that song, but it wasn't on your list:(

Sugar Magnolia said...

Sorry, Legion. I guess I got so tired of "Sledgehammer". It was on the radio and MTV 24/7. I do like his "Digging in the Dirt" and "Steam" from that time too. See my next blog....just for you!