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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Is anything more fun than a REAL Halloween party? You know, the kind where (nearly) everyone comes in costume, each more creative than the last? A gathering of around 50 or 60 friends, coworkers, family, all ready to party on a clear, crisp October night with nearly a full moon and a million stars in the sky? My aunt Debbo and Uncle Jack, notorious for throwing great parties and gatherings, did it again this Halloween at their place in Conroe. Lucky me, I happened to be off, and it was a Halloween to remember. More food in one place than one (even 60) could ever eat, a live band, a spooky set up in the pool house, and people I haven't seen in many years made the night complete. And the costumes! Check out the costumes!

Friends Lisa and Janie came dressed as pirates' wenches; one of my little cousins was a gun-totin' buckaroo; we had assorted friends and relatives as the Queen and a hospital patient; a human breathalyzer test; a life-size whoopee cushion; my cousin as video game hero Mario; my dad as a most decidedly daffy Wizard of Id; my uncle and aunt as "Jack and Coke" - both worked so hard on their costumes, all handmade; me as a mad scientist (yeah, I know, not that much of a stretch, right?!); my grandmother as a "flasher"; paying our respects to Michael Jackson; and some of my uncle's fellow EMS cowokers as hippies. What a wonderful time we all had!

To complete the weekend, I had the opportunity to sup with the Loon and his wonderful wife. A visit to Seadrift to enjoy their company and the art show there was a perfect way to spend a splendid Sunday afternoon. I am grateful for such good friends and their hospitality.

So, how was YOUR Halloween weekend? I hope you had all the treats you could handle. I know I did!


Edith Ann said...

What a great party! Looks like everyone had a great time. Your grandmother is hysterical.

Thanks for sharing the fun!

The Loon said...

And your company was a great pleasure. Come again another time.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Edith Ann - yep, my grandma is hilarious. She has to have a great sense of humor to put up with all of us.

Mr. Loon - I feel likewise, and I shall visit again!

Truth Ferret said...

Hey, loved your Halloween pics and story. I have been to some great parties throughout my life and some I can still remember (some not so much. Ahh, those college years.)

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I would combine the two, but that technologically is beyond my skills.

Have a great day.