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Monday, October 5, 2009

Grrrrrrrrr, etc.

And also @#*!!$*! Nothing like a vehicle to make your life miserable. Once again, the ol' Buick is IN THE SHOP. Very frustrating, especially when it is likely a recurring problem. But of course it's going to act up; it's paid off. So once again I get the joy of using my father's 20 year old Ford Bronco for transportation. And that is the really sad part. I have used his vehicle for transport while mine is in the shop a much greater number of times than he has had to use my 9 year old Buick while his is in the shop. I'm going to try my best to stay out of the new car market as long as possible, but the time will come. Oh, yes, it will come, and I can tell you one thing: it won't be another Buick. Nevermind that they have discontinued their best models; i.e., Park Avenue, Le Sabre, Regal, Riviera, and replaced them with sad fascimiles that can never compare to the former glory. The thing that chafes me most about Buick is that the one I bought 8 years ago is not as good as the one I bought before that, 20 years ago. The quality of GM vehicles has, for the most part, gone WAY down.

Add to that the fact that the first car I ever owned and traded in for my first Buick, a 1978 Ford LTD, is still likely going strong out there somewhere, wherever it ended up, while the first Buick is but a sad memory. I am NOT impressed with GM and their service, and the buggy electrical problems I've experienced with this latest model have turned me off totally. I'm seriously thinking my next car will likely be a Toyota Prius, or (*GASP*GULP*) a FORD. Can't argue with my folk's track records with Fords. Beats the hell out my history with Buicks.

With all respect to Pilot, Mr. Loon, Rusty, and the other walking testosterone factories out there, I've learned one thing in life, and learned it well. Ladies, lemme tell ya here and now - if it's got tires or testicles, it's gonna give you TROUBLE!

Oh, did I mention my dad's John Deere mower ain't exactly "running like a deer" these days? That's right, folks, DEAD IN THE WATER also. In fact, that's where my car crapped out, as I was following dad to Shiner in my car just in case he ran into any trouble. So by the time we get to Yoakum (thankfully I made it that far), I had to ditch my piece of shiite at the car repair place, and we both go to Shiner and back home in - you got it! - dad's Bronco!!!!


And furthermore, #@*&*!!

And still the grass needs mowing! Grrrrrrr..........


Edith Ann said...


I highly recommend that you just jump right out there and buy you one of those new 2010 Mustangs. They are good looking, not too pricey--stick with the smaller engine, better gas mileage. I know, why not the GT? They are way cool, but so are the others. Cheaper than the new Camaros, which are hot, hot, hot!

Get it in a cool color, like lipstick red. You will have the best time driving it. I still sort of miss my lipstick red Mustang. But I replaced it with a black Charger, and just 5282 miles ago, replaced that Charger with another Charger, lipstick red...

Are you even old enough to drive a Buick? I thought you had to be like 82 or something.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Hey, Edith Ann, I bought my first Buick when I was 22 years old. I've always been the roomy, sedan type person. Used to call 4-door cars "church cars" until I figured they were roomy and comfortable. And huge trunks. I DO love sports cars, but mostly older models, and even if I bought one AND could afford the insurance, I guarantee you I would get myself in trouble immediately with speeding tickets, doing donuts, you name it. That is why I must stay away from them. *SIGH*

Oh, and I missed "House" tonight for the first time in YEARS. Stupid day!!

Edith Ann said...

See, that's the beauty of the Charger. It has a trunk that will easily hold 5-6 bodies, without cramming them in.

Yeah, red cars are definitely cop catchers.

Sorry about House. Chill, tomorrow will be a better day.

Pilot said...

May I suggest something that ends with "ck" (not unlike "Buick"), but starts with "F"?
Ford truck. American made, only kind I have ever had. Mine has almost 200k & still gets the job done. Lipstick red - hah! Back in the day living in Austin, we called red a "bust me" color for a vehicle. It had about the same effect on cops as the "bust me tee shirt", you know, the one with either a marijuana leaf or a picture of Bob Marley on it

Sugar Magnolia said...

Hmmm....yall have given me some food for thought....Y'know, my first Buick was Ruby Red, not exactly lipstick, but a beautiful jewel shade, so I'm not afraid of red, in fact, red is my favorite color (dad thought I was nuts when I painted my bedroom red, but paint it red I certainly did, and love it still). With things being as they are right now, this Buick is just gonna have to last as long as it can, or as far as I can drive it. I keep waiting for my flying car, or hydrogen fuel cell, or solar panel car, but have a feeling I will need a car long before the technology comes to fruition. If I lived in the city, I would likely buy a Segway and be done with it.

Dad and grandma have checkups at the doctor today, I need to buy groceries, the cats need to be fed, the horse needs hay, I've got plenty to distract me for today, so yes, maybe today will be better. This too shall pass. And in the scheme of things, it ain't that big a deal. Thanks, yall!