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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Queen of Hearts

Is it possible to heal a heart that has been shattered into a thousand pieces? I didn't think so, but then along came C.C. (Christmas Cat). After the death of my beloved Caesar, a cat who had accompanied me for many years, of cancer, I was left with a great big hole in my heart. I still had KitKat, a cat who came into my life about a year before Caesar, and I loved her very much (she has since died, too), and Sunny, but I missed Caesar very much, and wished he were still around. Close to Christmas in 2005, a mystery cat appeared on the hood of my car, just like she belonged there. I went to investigate, and she, being skittish, started to run off, but then just stopped and looked at me. I went to get her a small bowl of food, and she ate all of it right away, as if she hadn't eaten in a long time. Well, long story short, she stayed, I fell in love, and she is now a very healthy, loving, long-haired beauty that somehow always belonged with me. I will never know how she found her way here, but I do believe that there are unknowable ways of the Universe that bind entities together in ways we will never understand.

She, the sweetest cat alive, is my baby. She was there when my mom died just a couple months later, and must have known I needed her. She walks with me in the pasture, just like a puppy dog, trailing along, "talking" all the way, and she always has so much to say. She is very vocal, and very loving. She stays by my side all the time, and we are practically inseparable. I have had cats all my life, but this one truly has ME, and I have never been so attached in my life. She sleeps with me when I sleep, even though my hours have always been crazy, and she goes wherever I go, at least around here. A perfect feline, she has healed me with her unconditional love and sweetness.

C.C. goes by many names: SugarBear, LoveBug, SweetPea, SugarPlum, AngelBaby, and FattyCatty, StubbyChubby (o.k., the last two were bestowed by my dad, who is amused by her short stature and fluffy coat), all a reflection of her special personality. She answers to all of those, as she does to FuzzyButt and Baby Girl. I don't know who could have been so cruel as to just dump her and leave her to fend for herself, but I firmly believe she saw me with other cats on my property and knew that mine would be a good home. She was so right. I was so blessed that she showed up that cold night. By my vet's estimates, she was at least 3 years old when she first came here, and had already borne a litter. She was not spayed, so I got her spayed and all her shots, and now she is treated like a queen. I have never had a cat so spoiled - all my doing, of course. And the love I give her is returned a thousand times a day, by laying on my lap, giving me "good morning" kisses, rubbing against my leg to let me know she is there, and by laying in front of my computer any time I try to get things done, just so that I can pay attention to her. It's a wonder my blogs get completed at all!

For all the love and happiness she has brought me, my wonderful, special SugarPlum is and always will be the queen of my heart. I never thought such a perfect creature could exist. Now I know better.


Edith Ann said...

C. C. is truly a beautiful. I think it is funny how you says she answers to all of those various names. You could call, "here doggy, doggy" and she'd still come. Because it's you.

Okay, how many cats claim you?

Edith Ann said...

Okay, she's a beautiful CAT.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thanx for the sweet words, Edith Ann. Presently, 5 cats, one dog, and one horse claim me (and dad and grandma). We've always had pets around the house, but I am definitely a cat person.

I may be biased, but I think C.C. is the most beautiful cat in the world. And I think she knows it. Could be because I tell her so all the time, huh? And of course she understands every word I say because she is the smartest also. In my next life, I want to come back as one of my cats. I would like to know what it feels like to be worshipped.

victorianbybirth said...

I have a cat like C.C. who also happens to be long haired, grey & white. He came to me after the death of my most beloved cat Sylvester. The way he came to be a part of my life & how he came in the house like he always lived there means he was meant to be there. He is 9yrs old & such a sweet cat.

You have beautiful kitties. I have many many cats, (9), all stray & all loved. Being in the city, it is hard to have so many cats, would you like a few more? : ) JK! (kinda)
We keep saying "no more cats" and yet when faced with the decision to leave one to starve or take it home....we forget our husband is as big a sucker as I am, if not bigger.

It makes me smile to see cat lovers, seems these days it's all about the dogs. I'll take 9 cats anyday!