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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Joker is Wild!

Don't be fooled. Inside this quiet, smooth, gorgeous mackerel tabby beats the heart of a prankster. Cuddles is his name and sneakiness is his game. He loves to play, especially relishing the element of surprise. Anything can become his target - a blowing leaf, a feather toy, even the dog or another cat (usually Sunny, who wins most of the time).

Cuddles, also known as Mr. Smooth, or Long John Silver, came to us as a kitten, as have so many of our cats. From where, we will never know. My mother took him in, and he stayed with mom and dad until mom passed away, then became exclusively my father's companion. Isn't it funny how animals gravitate to a certain person? He is definitely daddy's little boy.

Answering to the names of Buttmunch, Buttinsky (for his habit of GETTINGTHISCLOSE if you aren't paying enough attention to him), and Buttmuddles, Cuddles doesn't really care what you call him as long as you don't call him late to dinner. He never asks for much. As long as he has his daddy, his blankie, his food bowl, and a toy (not even really the latter; he will chase a dust bunny any day), he is content. Cuddlebutt (another moniker) loves to peek around a corner in the house and play hide-and-seek with a person, or a toy, or Sunny.

Long and lean (note the extra length on his tail!), Cuddles is a mischeivous little feline. The joker is indeed wild!

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victorianbybirth said...

That's an amazingly long tail!!! Is he a dominant cat? I have always heard the cat with the longest tail is most dominant. He looks like my dear Buttons who passed away last December, he was 13yrs old. He too had a "target" on his side.

A new tabby came into our life a few months back. We were eating at a Greek restaurant downtown & this cat came up, we fed him & petted him. A few months later we went back & he found us again, this time he was terribly thin, couldn't eat very much at one time & his fur was dirty & thin. We decided if he got into the car he could go home with us. He rode all the way home in my lap, never once layed a claw on me or made a sound. He is now full bodied, nice thick fur & a very laid back cat. His full name is Dr. Demo Pollochicio, Demo is the name of the restaurant where he found us.