Touch of Grey will, well, touch upon the rainbow that is life. Good music, good times, and good friends combine to make all the splendid colors. Touch of Grey will celebrate this beautiful rainbow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Predict

You heard it here first. And don't say I didn't tell you so.

Giants over the Patriots, a 24-21 win with a field goal. Just to tide you over until the big event:

And that's not all! I have more astounding and astonishing predictions right here:

Are my sources correct? Are my sources correct? Yes, I know they're correct. I predict.

Let's just say....."I got a line".....

And, so, sweet Spirit friend, this is for you....and you know who you are.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Just for completeness' sake, I must mention here that dad predicts New England 38-24. A seafood dinner rests on this. We'll decide between The BIg Fisherman in Rockport or Barkett's in Seadrift when the time comes. I do feel a road trip coming on. I will surely enjoy the bounteous platter he buys me...

Pilot said...