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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Class of '85

At the risk of echoing the Statler Brothers, the class of '85 had its dreams.

Now, 26 years later, some of those dreams have changed. Some have been realized. And some are still being built.

There's Jimmy, the retired AirForce man with a classic Corvette and head of hair and tanned body that should be the envy of men half his age. There's Richard, the school photographer-turned-paramedic. There's the cool chick turned scientist. There's Terry, the track star-turned nurse and mom to college students. There are mothers, fathers, grandparents. There are those of us who have lost loved ones and those of us who have grown our families.

Donna the teacher, Darren the bodybuilder, Marvin the oilfield expert who couldn't attend because he's working half a world away, Natalie the assistant district attorney. And Charles, the marketing/website genius with a Master in Fine Arts. They, and we, are all part of something special: the class of '85. Our colors? Silver and blue. Our flower? Lavender orchid (wonder where on Earth we came up with that?). Our song? Well, now, you must remember this was 1985. Okay, so it was "We are the World."  Were our choices always right, always brave? No, not always. But I suspect more so than not. And maybe we were the world, we were the children. And all children have dreams.

And dreams are always more special when set to music. Enjoy some of the sounds from that year with me, won't you? And, here's hoping all your dreams come true.


meridith said...

You're from Yoakum, right? Because I think you are talking about my cousin Jimmy. Retired Air Force? Check. Vette? Check. Great hair? Check. Living in Corpus now? Sister named Valarie? Are we talking about the same guy?

Edith Ann said...

Very nice, Sugar. I have some very fond memories of my class reunions. Nice musical sections--I actually recognize some of them! (I'm a lot older than you, and was raising little toddlers and getting divorced in 1985!)

But, another nice blog! Thanks!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Meridith - yes, I am. We are talking about THE Jimmy (is there any other?)!

It was so good to see him. He makes our class proud.

Thanks for commenting, Meridith.

And, Edith Ann, it was a lot of fun. It's so funny, because you see these peers as moms, dads, grandparents, and relish their accomplishments. But, you look at them and they're still the kids you went to school with. And, so many mannerisms, smiles, phrases, actions are still the same. Some things never change. And, as a good friend always says, they shouldn't.