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Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Know It's Too Hot When....

Your dad declares "It's just too danged hot to play golf".

Especially when I don't think he has ever said such a thing.

He wants to teach me golf; we've talked about it for years, but the truth is, I'm just not an athletically-inclined person. I've never been good at sports, although I'm sure golfing would be good exercise.

Dad used to be such an avid golfer. In the past few years, not so much. This should be his best time for outdoor activities since he is now retired. But I think most of his golfing buddies just don't get together anymore. Hence, he probably would like someone to come with him. I'm game. I just don't think I could play very well. But then, it's really all about getting outside and just being with dad. We drove by a golf course the other day, and he said "Man, there's no way in THIS heat". What's that you say? Too hot for golf? Truly, living in south Texas, dad has golfed in more unpleasant conditions than this. But, no, he says, he's not getting out in it to chase a little ball. Perhaps come the fall we can start on those golf lessons for me. If we have a fall.

These relentlessly hot days we have had seems to have deterred a lot of outdoor activity for people. I suspect the golf courses are a little less crowded of late. Although, the greenest lawns this summer can be found on golf courses.

For those who golf, do you still play golf on hot days like these? Do you do it for the exercise? For the pleasure of being with buddies? Or is it just a part of your life?

Maybe come some cooler weather, I might see you on the course. And if you see me, you might want to go ahead and call it a day. There's no telling where that errant ball may fly when I take a swing......


Edith Ann said...

I took Golf as my P E in college.

I was cured.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Edith Ann, yeah, I know what you mean. I took Karate. I was SO lousy I made a B. In P.E. In Karate.

I wouldn't have even attempted golf for a grade. You are one brave soul!