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Saturday, December 18, 2010

That Smell

Can't you smell that smell?

The smell of a stinky, rotten editorial by our local rag?

I sure can. And I think the whole crossroads area can, too.

Quick, before it's too late....go here for the editorial, and check out the reader's input before it all disappears, and commenting becomes disabled, as the VicAd is known to do.

I have never witnessed a newspaper that would not support its town's institutes of higher learning. Of course, I don't expect the editorial staff to agree with everything UH-V does, but to show such an appalling lack of support is beyond the pale.

Anyway, I voiced my opinion and was promptly deleted. But, see, I WENT to UH-V and am one of their proud alumni, so I'm smart enough to have saved the comment so that it could live in eternity here on my blog because I KNEW it would be gone in a moment's time. So here it is:

How disappointing to read an editorial opinion that does not support a local university, U of H, with a VERY good extension of same right here in Victoria. Oh, and nevermind UH-V has been here in Victoria, turning out THOUSANDS of educated graduates who have gone on to the medical, engineering, chemical, education, and so many other varied fields to lend their talents back to their hometowns.

Does the VicAd staff really not understand this? Do they not see that UH-V has actually been here LONGER than most of the editorial staff themselves, nevermind the cub reporters who were not even BORN when UH-V established itself so long ago? Where were these "editorial staff" and "journalists" when UH-V worked so hard over the years to educate and contribute to this community? Oh....that's right, they were in Ohio, Kansas, Illinois....

Why don't you consider for a moment that your and a certain commission's push to get UH-V out of this community just looks like a lot of strangers who were not even born and raised in this state who now think they know what is best for Victoria and its surrounding towns? What sort of power do you really think you hold?

U of H, and UH-V has been here much longer than you, has contributed more than you, has intertwined with these citizens' lives much more than you ever have or ever will.

I really don't think this comment deserved to be removed, but the VicAd thought differently. How very sad.

In keeping with the season, all I can say is, and I quote:





Edith Ann said...

You committed the ultimate boo-boo. You said something negative about the Advocate. I think it was the last paragraph of your comment that got you the boot!

They do not take criticism. True, valid, substantiated or not, they are not about to allow anyone to talk negatively about the paper.

This just speaks volumes as to their credibility and integrity--they cry foul when the DA or someone isn't forthcoming with documentation for an article citing freedom of speech, but just let a reader try to exercise a disenting opinion, and all bets are off.

Makes them look very petty.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Edith Ann, I must tell you, being deleted TWICE in the same article really surprised me. I have never read such a nasty editorial, and have never had the displeasure of witnessing a local newspaper take the side of a witch hunt that won't rest until a university with a storied history is driven out of town.

I think perhaps a certain someone who works for the university, who is the spouse of a certain someone who works at the paper must not have gotten a Christmas bonus this year. Thus, the second certain someone has seen fit to drag UH-V through the mud in retaliation.

I only halfway jest, of course. I am sure it is much bigger than that. But I get the impression the entire newspaper needs to be investigated, as there are certainly some back-door dealings that appear to be going on.

What else can explain such a grinch-y editorial?

Sugar Magnolia said...

And oh, wow, what a surprise.....the article stands yet the 56 comments have all disappeared! Did we not see this one coming? Why even go to the effort of making an intelligent, reasoned statement or pose intelligent questions the public has a right to know the answers to just to have them go *POOF*?

This is getting seriously sad. And seriously STINKY!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Whoops, it seems that people are still able to comment on the article, but I cannot. So what gives?

Not that I would want to waste my time anymore, anyway. And I noticed the VicAd said they weren't going to delete your comments about Claud Jacobs, but rather respond to them, but yet, your comments have once again been deleted. I wash my hands of the whole stupid mess!

Edith Ann said...

Were 7 regular Victoria Advocate psoters out of line?


Was the Delete Nazi hypersensitive this weekend?

I'll let you decide.

It was an all or nothing thing for me. Once they had removed 7 of my 11 comments, I just removed the rest. I came to the conclusion the Advocate was in no way interested in intelligent conversation. Only a couple of the regulars are left standing.

Truth Ferret said...

Well, you two are much too intelligent and your brains/words scare the people who haunt The Advocate. I would say, "The people who work for the newspaper", but they are merely ghosts of proper writers/reporters. Not much brain power, since their egos take up so much room.