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Sunday, August 15, 2010

For Your Pleasure, Amigos!

And mine, too!

I heard this little gem the other day, and it occurred to me that it doesn't get enough airplay. Oh, I'm sure there was a time, around 45 years ago that it did, but most folks nowadays have likely forgotten about it or never even heard it. I pity them. This is such a lovely song, and it got me to thinking about other foreign language songs, and how they became a part of Americana. So I would like to put some of them in one place for you to enjoy! First, the lovely song which started me down that road of nostalgia, with what must be the original video, which I had never seen until I went hunting for it. Even though I don't understand a word of it, it still makes me smile every time I hear it.

And along the same lines, but in a different language, comes this beautiful song that has the ability to transport one across the seas:

Es muy bueno, si?! As is this early rock and roll hit, in the same poetic language, with a decidedly different flavor:

Of course, one Latin language can be complemented by another, as you can clearly hear in this delightful tune here:

Bella, eh?! Lest we forget our other neighbors across the pond, we have this unique entry that was, against all odds, also a smash hit, the only song in Belgian to hit number one in the United States:

And, although the entire song is not in French, this lovely song is included because its title is foreign, and because, well, it's Nat King Cole, and I would listen to anything by him in ANY language. Even though he thinks his "French is not good enough", I think it's completely perfect:

Come travel the world with me! We still have plenty left to see and hear, so enjoy this song that was a huge hit and is still played at many weddings today:

As we travel the world, I would also like to travel time in a way. I have a trio of hits from the eighties, so imagine, if you will, growing up with these wonderful hits on the radio, and enjoying them in languages other than yours. The first was performed in German, and also had an English version on the radio, and both were hits, but most seem to prefer the German version. I think people understand the message in any language, even if "Captain Kirk" may be the only two words they clearly get:

And this video includes footage from one of the greatest movies of that decade:

And I'm allowed a cheat here simply because this song is SO awesome, and I love it as much today as I did all those years ago. The title IS foreign, if not the rest of the song, so have fun:

And, finally, this one's not really in any foreign language, but it is a song which I believe ANYBODY can understand and love. It is included here because it comes from one of my most favorite movies of all time "Lillies of the Field" starring my favorite actor Sidney Poitier. For those who don't know the story, a handyman (Poitier) happens upon a group of German nuns in the desert, teaches them some English, and proceeds to "build them a chapel". Even though their English skills are not great, and his German skills are nonexistent, they are able to sing this song together, as music is a universal language. In the movie, the singing was done not by Poitier, but by Jester Hairston, whom some may remember as ROLLIE on the TV show called ironically, "Amen". So here is that lovely song for all to enjoy from that movie that I so adore and have to watch every Easter, or it just isn't Easter for me:



Truth Ferret said...

You've made my day. Loved the videos and seeing the styles throughout the years. The nuns made me laugh out loud.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Thank you, my furry friend! It always gladdens my heart when I can make someone's day a little better.